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Certified Speaking Professional – Southern Africa Speakers Hall Of Fame.


Billy is an author, internationally acclaimed inspirational keynote speaker, and a personal, team & organisational effectiveness specialist.


He is Executive Chairman of Billy Selekane and Associates with  a footprint in Australia, Middle East, Singapore, Sweden, UK and USA.


His focus is in personal, team and organisational effectiveness, which he delivers through, customised keynotes and client centric interventions.


He works in Asia, Europe, UAE, UK and the USA as well as various African countries, including Botswana, Kenya, Namibia and Nigeria for fortune 500 companies.


Billy believes that motivating your target audience is not enough, you should inspire them to change their belief systems and act upon decisions they make through a transformational process rather than an information sharing session.

2009 Toastmasters

Leadership and Communication Award

2011 CSP

Certified Speaking Professional

2012  PSASA Hall of Fame

Inducted into the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa’s Hall of Fame.

2014 Master Mentor Africa

(Motivation category ) by Mentorship Africa

2014 Distinguished Tembisan

1st recipient, given to 30 Tembisa World Changers


You are an absolute class act...


Scot Friedman

Billy Selekane

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From Barefoot to Snakeskin Shoes™

Billy shares the principles which transformed him from being a negative, lazy, directionless, victim mentality driven individual to being a world renowned inspirational speaker, best selling author, businessmen and personal & team effectiveness specialist. He tells this story with passion, enthusiasm and humour with a high degree of relevant content for divers audiences


The Power of Possibility

How far are you willing to push yourself to be the testimony of THE POWER OF POSSIBILITY? Billy shares a powerful narrative with world applicable principles which have seen ordinary men and women, Captains of industry, and celebrities transform their lives after this engagement.


Stand Up and Deliver

This keynote deals with performance issues from people, team and organisational perspectives. The backdrop of this keynote is the legendary production of Phantom of The Opera. Billy uses his first personal encounter with this production, how it impacted his life and how he eventually became a student of the production. He shares the power of this production to bring home a strong message about performance culture and how it affects individuals, teams and entire organisations.


Be a Brand and Matter

Billy shares with his audiences strategies for transforming oneself from being just one of the employees to being a powerful and distinct brand which captures ‘top of the mind awareness’ in your operational sphere while ensuring that you not only get opportunities but that they come to you – because you are a Brand and that makes you Matter.


Awakening the Spirit of Tribal Consciousness

Billy shares a forgotten principle which at some point in history made Africa the centre of the world. He shares with his audience an amazing and exceptionally deep story of Afrocentric wisdom, with lessons to be learned and taught to both leaders and organisational populace to instil alignment and cohesion


The Bridge Builder

Billy uses the story of Henry V as an illustration of how a Leader who no one believed in can turn the hearts and minds of the people and get them to achieve something that was believed to be impossible.

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