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Innovation, Leadership & Strategy Specialist



As a behavioural specialist, Brad is obsessed with helping businesses, leaders, and everyone who wakes up in the morning to go to work and be better at the complicated job of being human.

Brad walks his talk as a leader, entrepreneur and innovator and is currently an active shareholder in businesses across numerous sectors. His professional career kicked off with him founding and building his own architectural practice and specialising in architecture for business. It was here that he discovered his love for entrepreneurship, leadership, people development and the “thinking” space. As a result he successfully diversified into a number of exciting business ventures across numerous sectors such as technology, telecoms, real estate, retail, beauty, fashion and construction to name a few.

Since 2005 he has worked with thousands of people around the world on how to ‘better human’ at work, and in turn how to build and lead organisations that are awesome places for people to work at and deliver massive success in a world that has gone digital crazy. 

He works with business leaders globally and across all industry sectors helping them to be constantly innovation ready and to create exceptional employee experiences that translate into meaningful innovation, constant relevance, and significant revenue. 

He is able to deeply connect with the unique context of each of his client’s businesses and weave his ‘humaning’ message in for maximum sustainability and long term impact.

Brad has completed +15000 hours of professional coaching and facilitation on 5 continents. He is adjunct faculty at the globally acknowledged business schools GIBS and Duke CE, and he is co-author of the 2018 published book:


“WE ARE STILL HUMAN (and work shouldn’t suck!)”.

Human Centred Leadership

It is all about people, and people are complicated…


 Design thinking and other ideation methods are woven together to create an effective approach to meaningful innovation.

Innovation Readiness

Building and sustaining a culture of innovation fitness requires intentionality.  But how does an organisation do this?

Did we learn nothing?!

Lessons for a post-pandemic world

Pitch Craft

Many great ideas, strategies and innovations never get the airtime or implementation that they deserve because people don’t know how to share them convincingly or confidently.


Brad...made a life changing impression


Kevin Akaloo
Mondelēz International 

Brad Shorkend

What People Say>


Brad Shorkend is an agitator & thought provoker… 

Since founding Urban Everest Lateral Thinking in 2006 and co-founding the ‘better humaning’ advisory Still Human, in 2015, Brad has been coaching, mentoring, speaking and facilitating across a diverse range of industries and industry sectors.


Working primarily with CEO, MD, Exco, and leadership at all levels of organisations, high potential individuals, teams and entrepreneurs, Brad's clients range from an exciting array of many of the top blue-chip organisations in South Africa and globally to start-ups and mid-stage scale-ups. Brad’s passion lies in teaming up with individuals and organisations to consciously create the conditions and the thinking for sustainable success. 

Brad’s talks and interactive facilitation sessions are designed to deliver more than just the ‘what’ at an event, but also to give his audiences the ‘how’!

Leadership, Innovation, Strategy… are all FOR humans, BY humans!

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