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Motivational Speaker | Survivalist



Philosopher on Purpose. Speaker on Inspiration. Rescuer on Life and Business strategies. Facilitator of Corporate Culture, Business and Leadership skills as well as Team Processes. Advisor for Executive Leaders and Teams.


Callie Roos courageously left an eminent career in the South African military as a Special Forces soldier and Senior Military Staff Officer to assume his responsibility in the process of re-building the South African nation in both mind and spirit. 


It is Callie’s passion to advance organisations and their people from survival to significance.


Callie is a truly Inspirational Speaker whose deep insight into personal and business issues provokes strength and motivation to overcome personal and inter-personal hurdles. His success has elevated him to the status of spiritual guide in the eyes of many people from job seekers to business leaders alike.


Callie’s superb skills of survival and tracking – honed and mastered in the African wilderness - designate him as a facilitator of strategic and leadership thinking, business skills and team processes par excellence.


His ‘OnTrack Advance' intervention in unfenced, big five country is an unrivalled experience!  Hundreds of senior business teams can already affirm that learning the ancient art of tracking is intensely thrilling and promotes a deep revival of the spirit as they are expertly guided through a close encounter with their own most primitive roots!

The African Tracker

I am On Track

The Survivor

Business on Purpose: Principles from the African Wilderness


A simple Science


The intelligence of possibility

African Buffalo

A Future with Purpose


Callie Roos is one of the most integrated human beings you will ever meet in your entire life..


Jacques de Villiers

Callie Roos

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Callie’s philosophy today is to embark on a journey with clients whose values and visions ensure that their working relationship is compatible, ensuring successful, sustainable change and a positive impact on their bottom-line. A mainstay of his unique approach is to:


  • Foster sound long-term relationship with clients

  • Impart a holistic, integrated and participative approach to programme design

  • Obtain commitment on the importance of process


Callie offers possibly the most influential change processes in the country. His approach and methodology are simple - in stark contrast to the complexity of business. That is why his change programmes work; for many this has become the stuff of miracles!  No one leaves his experiences untouched. 


Callie's Credo is to teach people how to turn their lives around by thinking, acting and reacting differently.  Experience has taught Callie four things about the successful businesses of the future:


  • They will be distinguished by the wholeness of their people

  • Sustainable change begins where the individual mind-set reflects reality and creates new meaning for him/herself

  • To become pro-active and advance to significance is a choice and still possible in this life

  • The ultimate training and development intervention happens through process and not only by design. It has to be ‘discovered’ as we go along

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