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As a best-selling author, speaker, and executive coach, Gilan has worked with leaders in over 40 countries – from Fortune 500 companies, governments, the military, and organisations like NATO.

Gilan's unusual background as an expert mentalist, and his special skill to deconstruct influence into practical frameworks, helps leaders to predictably elevate their impact and achieve success faster.

Gilan's reputation has been built on his ability to amaze and equip leaders by showing them things about themselves they've never seen before, unlocking their full potential to solve the world's biggest problems.

Gilan's vision is to create a world where leaders are equipped with the tools and knowledge to be conscious, responsive, and purpose-led, allowing them to not only achieve success, but also inspire and empower those around them.

The Rapid Influence Formula

Predictably create influence in any situation

Unlocking Growth Potential

Break free from the chains of fixed mindsets

Deep Happiness, Peak Performance

Success does not require suffering

The Mentalist Experience

Intelligent entertainment showcasing the power of influence


Amazing. It's just actually amazing.


Sam Cowen

Gilan Gork

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By providing leadership development keynotes, masterclasses, and other training services, Gilan strives to foster a global community of influential leaders who are dedicated to making a positive impact in their organisations and the world.

Gilan's primary work is with leaders, however, as a global authority on influence, Gilan's topics can also be applied to sales, negotiation, and more. Every session Gilan delivers is customised to outcomes clients need.

Besides his Mentalist Experience "show", Gilan uses him compelling mentalist experiments within his keynote talks and masterclasses, to create a totally unique learning experience. You may also enquire about Gilan as a facilitator or master of ceremonies for your event.

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