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International Motivational Keynote Speaker



Born without arms, not without attitude!


Nicky Abdinor is a Clinical Psychologist, International Speaker, and Founder of the non-profit organization, Nicky’s Drive.


She is an advocate for mobility and independence and has a passion for challenging our perceptions of ability. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Nicky has presented talks as far as the UK, USA and Australia.


Professor Jonathan Jansen listed Nicky as one of 67 South Africans who he believes emanates the values and principles of Nelson Mandela.

On stage she shares a message that is authentic and captivating, with life lessons that are easily translated into actions in our careers and personal lives. Her witty sense of humour and natural speaking ability both keeps the attention of the audience and spurs them into action! 


Nicky is always commended on being a credible agent of change. When you meet Nicky, it is hard not to recognise that she puts her message into practice!

 Cultivating Optimism

Nicky interweaves her personal story with key concepts in Psychology to look at how we are able to face adversity and challenge with curiosity, hope and optimism.
Don’t ignore what is wrong; focus more on what is RIGHT. 

Strengthening Your Inner Cheerleader

Nicky applies her expertise in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy and Schema Therapy, helping delegates implement practical tools to strengthen their inner cheerleader in this fun, insightful presentation.


You touched the hearts and minds of everyone in the room...


Deloitte & Touche

Nicky Abdinor

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Nicky Abdinor is an expert on doing MORE with less.  She is an agent of change who will leave your audience believing in their abilities. They’ll learn to focus on what they CAN do!


With mental health at the forefront of organisational challenges, Nicky’s keynote talks are more relevant than ever


Nicky is described as a “showstopper” who audiences will never forget. What makes her a unique and sought-after speaker is that not only does she have an inspiring personal story (her video clips will leave you spellbound and questioning what is possible!); her message is enhanced by her expertise as a Clinical Psychologist with an ability and understanding of creating sustainable change in our attitudes, beliefs and emotions.

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