Copyright laws for event managers

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that copyright laws don’t apply to you as an event manager. Anyone involved in eventing or arranging functions will come face to face with copyright laws at some point, and if not personally, then speakers at your events will need to know about copyright laws in South Africa.

Has a speaker, an emcee or a session presenter at your conferences ever shown a short scene from a memorable movie? Or used and reprinted a nifty online model to predict industry outcomes? If so, that might have been a copyright violation. Assuming the liability falls solely on the speaker is not correct either. Copyright laws apply when presenters are showing the audience movies, videos, sound clips, songs and other audio-visual material during functions and events.

What is copyright? Copyright is a set of exclusive legal rights given to the author or creator of an original work to copy, distribute, perform and display the work in public. Anyone who wants to reuse the work publicly needs to obtain permission from the owner of the original work.