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International Sales Speaker


Shelley comes from a long line of sales people, and for as long as she can remember, has been passionate about connecting clients with meaningful and relevant sales experiences.

At Ricoh, she was a top performing rep and qualified for a number of quarterly and annual awards. When she moved into Asset Finance, she was named the rookie of the year, and later, Innovator of the year in her role as Sales and Marketing Manger for Kingfisher FM.

Her relentless quest to find out what works in an ever-changing sales environment led her to become an internationally recognised sales expert, an in-demand speaker and the Executive Director of Conversation Intelligence Africa.

She is passionate, direct, energetic and practical. An unstoppable force, trend- spotter, risk taker and deal- maker. A source of fresh sales strategies, practical ideas and good old fashioned common sense, delivered with humour and humility.

Shelley's powerful keynote presentations will give your sales professionals a keen understanding of the changing world of sales while equipping them with the new thinking needed to excel in the toughest economies.

Your leaders will gain a keen understanding of the changing world of client experience while equipping them with the new thinking needed to excel in the toughest economies, and what this means for leading a team of 21st Century sales professionals.

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We closed two major deals the week after Shelley's talk.

Charmain van Niekerk

Shelley Walters

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Unstoppable force; Trend-spotter; Risk-taker; and Deal-maker.

Shelley’s background in sales training comes from generations of successful sales people. As a result, she has a deep passion for customer connection and creating meaningful, relevant sales experiences. “Sales” runs in her veins.

Shelley’s no-nonsense approach and campaign to develop innovative sales methods led to recognition as an internationally-recognised sales expert and in-demand keynote speaker. She prides herself in being fierce, direct,energetic and practical.

Shelley’s aim is to be more than “just another motivational speaker”; more than a sales trainer. She aim’s to develop inspirational & engaging content, actionable ideas, relevant insights and gets to the point.

Shelley presents sales teams with the tools to inspire and equip them to differentiate themselves and your organisation in an increasingly competitive consumer-rich environment.

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