Building effective teams that deliver results

Why do teams exist?

The only real reason why teams exist at all is to achieve results. Yet, most just don’t. That’s because teams really do work best when they are built on truth and trust. When there exists an environment that allows people to be honest, and to say it as it is. So that they will speak up when they believe that they have a better idea, or when they disagree – while still supporting your final decision... regardless of whether they agree with it, or not.

How can Stef help?

Stef shows teams how to create an environment of truth and trust, where everyone supports team decisions, and assumes personal responsibility for the achievement of strategic objectives.

Stef...one of the world’s
leading practitioners

when it comes to teams
and team leadership.

Institute for International Research, Dubai


All teams, especially
management and
executive teams.


Team building events,
leadership break-aways and executive retreats.

On-boarding or formation of new teams, or to support company restructuring process.


Learn what makes so many teams dysfunctional, and
how to avoid these traps.
Immediately take team trust to the next level, and
drive results.


The High Performance Teams programme is presented in a workshop format. Depending on your needs and desired outcomes the programme can be anywhere from 1 to 3 days. 


It is an ideal workshop for in-house training or corporate retreats.


Why most teams fail, and what you can do to avoid it

How to build team trust (without doing a silly trust fall!)

Creating a safe environment where everyone can ‘say it as it is’

How to make decisions that will be supported by everyone on the team


Stef has worked with hundreds of teams the world over helping them to establish greater levels of trust transforming them into High Performance Teams.

Why wouldn't you let Stef help you transform your team?

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