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Tiffany Markman was the ‘Most Effective Copywriter in Southern Africa’ (MEA Markets Excellence Awards) in 2022, among the world’s ‘Top 50 Female Content Marketers’ (Contentbot AI) in 2021 and South Africa's ‘Freelance Copywriter of the Year’ (Prestige Awards) in 2020. 

In addition to her multi-award-winning copywriting career, she is an international trainer and sought-after speaker, known for her energetic, practical and humorous talks, presentations and keynotes on writing, messaging, brand voice, digital marketing, content strategy, creativity and more. 

Tiffany has served 570 brands in 15 countries and addressed more than 29,600 people. She is a Member of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa and the Virtual Speakers Association, a Certified Virtual Presenter (CVP), and a member of both the International Copywriters Association and ProCopywriters. A regular contributor to top international media platforms, she has a prolific social media footprint.

Pragmatic, easy on the ear and value-packed...


Neerja Singh, Speaker, India

Tiffany Markman

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Known for her programmes on writing, email and digital marketing, and topics including social media, impostor syndrome, creative thinking and more, audiences, organisers and bookers regularly seek out her talks because attendees always leave with knowledge, insights, skills or techniques they didn’t have before.

Tiffany's services include:

  • SPEAKING: keynotes, ancillary sessions, panel discussions, lectures, talks, seminars

  • TRAINING: workshops, masterclasses, live and virtual training courses/programmes 

  • WRITING: conceptual and strategic copywriting, messaging and brand voice development

Un-Installing Impostor Syndrome

Ideal for: business leaders, team leads, entrepreneurs, DE&I events, gender-related events, mental health events

Bare-Bones Social Media for Business & Branding

Ideal for: future-of-work events, business owners, team leads, marketers, salespeople, entrepreneurs, consultants

Emails That Get Opened:
The New Rules

Ideal for executive assistants, PAs, administrators, salespeople, future-of-work events, comms conferences

Coming Up With Creative Ideas

Ideal for: marketers, communicators, creatives, social media professionals, salespeople, future-of-work events

Enough Room For Every-Botty: Creativity & Writing in the
Age of AI

Ideal for business owners, thought leaders, marketers, communicators, technology/AI events, future-of-work events 

Time Management For Real People

Ideal for: execs, managers, team leaders, workplace culture events, gender-related events, mental health events

Change Agility: Future-Proofing For A Changing World

Two versions: manager version, team member version 
Ideal for managers, team leaders, salespeople, workplace culture events, future-of-work events, DE&I events

4 Survival Skills for Growing Businesses

Know how to expect (and even welcome) anxiety, analysis paralysis and seasonal panic. Learn to re-think selling and re-frame negotiation. Build up ammunition for tough client or customer conversations. Feel ready to tolerate (and maybe even leverage) self-promotion via social media.


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