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Professional Speaker | Unlearning Expert | Author



Known to her awesome clients as 'The UnLearning Lady', Zanele Njapha is the world's leading voice on using key unlearning principles to help medium to large companies build cultures where instead of annoyed and frustrated - people are EXCITED about change!

CEO at The UnLearners, Zanele is also a Forbes Contributor on navigating organisational change, a certified Neuro Coach for transformative leaders, an award-winning TEDx speaker & change influencer.

She not only exceeds client expectations when delivering her keynotes, but she expertly brings her youthful, fresh, and divergent energy to challenge long-standing dogmas that truly turn interventions into meaningful, trackable results for organisations!

UnLearning & ReLearning

Navigating Transitions & Organisational Change

Building a Culture of Self-Driven Learning


...She mesmerises her audience...fantastic!


Roger Harrop 

The CEO Expert, UK

Zanele Njapha

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Zanele presents with uncanny wit, humour and engaging insights wrapped in memorable stories. She is a well-seasoned and thought-provoking speaker who engages and captures various audiences.

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