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Why a professional moderator makes sense for your event

While it makes sense to give your attention to finding the right keynote speakers, event panels often end up being less of a priority with event planners, resulting in disjointed and mismatched panels. A professional moderator can go a long way to

making sure your event doesn’t fall flat at the panel stage.

Panel moderators provide a different element to your event A well-run panel is great a way to get more out of your speakers and with a professional moderator facilitating, your panels will provide your event with an interactive element that can keep your audience involved and interested. Panels should run like lively and engaging talk shows (with less formality than a keynote address) while providing various perspectives, real-world examples and case studies to your delegates.

There is a certain skill to moderating a panel well Panel moderators often don’t get enough credit for all that goes into moderating an event panel. Contrary to popular belief, moderating is a lot more than queuing panel speakers when it’s their turn to speak. Moderating requires skill, tact, professionalism and a broad knowledge of the topic at hand. It’s a little like herding cats. But the moderator needs to do it seamlessly while making sure to steer the conversation in a way that keeps the audience captivated and learning.

A professional panel moderator can help you to structure your panel Professional moderators will help the flow and size of your panels (four panellists is usually ideal). Experienced panellists will advise you on your panel composition, making sure you have a balance between gender, diversity, industry interests and other important considerations.

Professional moderators keep it interesting If you’ve watched a professional moderator in action, you’ll notice how they can summarise biographies to impress delegates with their panellists, bring in interesting titbits and statistics to pepper into the conversation, rein in the ramblers and discreetly assist panellists who are battling to get their point across. Great moderators will ask compelling questions in a conversational manner and allow for interaction and debate; sometimes even heated debates. A great moderator will also respect and keep

to your programme and will be able to make time adjustments where needed.


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